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    sanatoria of Truskavets

    sanatorium ` LYBID `

    Dear ladies and gentlemen! We bring to your attention all-the-year-round working Sanatorium "ЛЫБИДЬ" located in a balneal city-resort Truskavets.

    Sanatorium "ЛЫБИДЬ" has 25-year-old experience of medical and resort practice, Also has deserved worthy reputation of the respectable improving centre.

    Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID ` Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID `

    To services having a rest own diagnostic and medical bases are offered, Allowing to spend treatment of a chronic prostatitis, diseases of kidneys, mochevyvodjashchih Ways, a liver, zhelchevyvodjashchih ways, a gastroenteric path, a diabetes, Adiposity, a backbone osteochondrosis.

    "Health in bathing" - was told by ancient Romans and were right.

    In a clinic odyhajushchim all modern kinds of water procedures are given: Mineral, coniferous, pearl baths, underwater shower-massage. Also are offered: Drinking treatment, dietetic therapy, ozokerito - and balneoterapija, electrotherapy, Physiotherapy exercises.

    Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID ` Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID `

    "LYBID" are the best traditions in a combination to modern comfort, Fine service and the reasonable prices. Our sanatorium is convenient to those people, which Wish to be treated in comfortable conditions.

    The sanatorium Building is located in silent and a beauty spot in city boundaries. The sanatorium is calculated on 60 places, are available one - double rooms and class numbers Lux. Directly in the case works bjuvet mineral water. In all numbers there is a satellite TV, refrigerator, bathroom with a bathing or per capita cabin.

    Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID ` Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID `

    To services having a rest are offered: a stomatologic office, laboratory, Ultrasonic diagnostics, computer elektrokardiografija, an office of massage, Exercise room, billiards, parking place, excursions.

    Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID ` Truskavets. Sanatorium ` LYBID `

    number Type the Prices in grivnas
    in 2-hmestnom number a junior suite (on one person) 2112
    in 1-omestnom number 3000
    in number ` LUX ` (for two the person) 7080

    we Hope that stay on our resort will strengthen your health,
    And memoirs on stay will be unforgettable and pleasant.

    People who wish to reach the big successes, know that health More expensively money!

    questions/discussions At a forum

    the Address: 82200, Ukraine, Lvov area, Truskavets, street Danilishinyh, 50, sanatorium ` LYBID `

    the Director of sanatorium ` LYBID ` - DRANOVSKY Zenon Mikolaevich

    to Reach to sanatorium ` LYBID ` from an auto- or Ry Stations you can on fixed-route taxis.

    publication Date: 2003-05-10 (40927 It is read)

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