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    sanatoria of Truskavets

    a sanatorno-hotel complex ` Dnepr-BESKID `

    Joint-Stock Company "the Sanatorno-hotel complex ` Dnepr-BESKID `" is unique Health resort of a resort Truskavets, located in a non-polluting zone of a city, Where the maximum comfort for inspection, treatments, and also the organisations is provided Active leisure having a rest.

    Sanatorium "Dnepr" is 500 places, Located in 250 double, single rooms and "lux". In the case Sanatorium "Dnepr" under one roof are the sleeping case, dietstolovaja, Film concert hall, bjuvet mineral waters, the medical-diagnostic case, pool And a sauna, an exercise room that is especially favorable during the osenne-winter period.

    Sanatorium ` Dnepr ` Hotel ` Beskids `

    Hotel "Beskids" is also 500 The places located in 84 single and 200 double rooms. Besides, is Fine two-room lux. To services of our visitors high-speed Swedish lifts, Cosy halls. The hotel is decorated by the Italian marble. And what landscape opens Before eyes when the foot goes into the top floors of "Beskida"! Before You - evergreen Carpathians, and you, having concerned with hands of heavens, be in a condition Weightlessness.

    Joint-Stock Company SGK "Dnepr-BESKID" will improve patients With diseases:
    a gastroenteric path (ezofagity, refljuksezofagity, hron. Gastritises, kolity, hemorrhoids, gastroduodenity, ulcer Illness);
    zhelchevydelitelnoj systems (hron. Hepatitises without activity of process, gepatozy, holangity, cholecystitises, a dyskinesia Bilious bubble, is bilious-stone illness out of an aggravation, hron. A pancreatitis);
    urinogenital system (hron. Pyelonephritises, Cystitis, uretrity, prostatitises out of an aggravation, urolithic illness without infringement Passableness of uric ways, anomalies of development of kidneys, omission of kidneys, conditions After operations on kidneys and mochevyvodjashchih ways), chronic adneksity.

    Medical-diagnostic base

    Modern the diagnostic base sanatorium provides Wide profile at modern scientific level inspection of patients also it is presented klinichnoj and biochemical laboratories, rentgenkabinetom, offices fibrogastroskopii, rektoromanoskopii, kolonoskopii, tsistoskopii, ultrasonic diagnostics, duodenalnogo Sounding with the subsequent transduodenalnym washing of a gastroenteric path Mineral water, research of acidity of gastric juice.

    On the basis of sanatorium of the patient receives the qualified consultations Doctors on specialities:

    sexual pathology;

    the Medical base sanatorium is presented by wide assortment Medical procedures in which basis application of natural factors lies:

    baths: with natural mineral water, coniferous, Pearl and sea salt are accepted at diseases:
    nervous system (neurosises, hypertensive And hypotonic illnesses, insomnia);
    digestive organs (gastritises, kolity, Stomach stomach ulcer);
    kidneys, predstatelnoj glands (the urolithic Illness, prostatitis);
    a metabolism (adiposity, sugar Diabetes);
    skin (psoriaz);
    diseases of joints and a backbone (Arthritises, art roses, osteochondroses);

    souls - circular, ascending smother, a shower of Sharko - At diseases of nervous system, adiposity, disease of joints and a backbone, Urolithic illness;

    Intestinal procedures the intestinal Procedures :
    microenemas with camomile broth, oil – At intestines diseases, predstatelnoj glands (kolity, hemorrhoids, cracks, Locks), a chair relaxation.
    washing of intestines from the mineral Water, camomile broth - at intestines diseases (locks, diarrheas, kolity); At metabolism diseases (adiposity, a diabetes, urolithic and zhelchekamennaja Illness).

    massages - a manual and underwater shower-massage - at Diseases of a backbone and joints;

    gynecologic procedures - vlagalishchnye an irrigation Mineral water, vlagalishchye tampons with medicines.

    ozokeritovye applications - possessing the considerable teplouderzhivajushchej ability and low heat conductivity, ozokeritnye aplikatsii It is applied at all chronic diseases of an organism:
    inflammatory diseases of a stomach, Liver, a bilious bubble, guts (gastritises, hepatitises, cholecystitises, kolity, fredynity);
    inflammatory-disease kidneys, predstatelnoj glands, a bladder, a uterus, jaichnikov (pielonifrity, a cystitis, Prostatitises, perimetrity, adneksity);
    inflammatory diseases of joints And a backbone (arthritises, art roses, osteochondroses).

    psychotherapy - treatment by hypnosis (neurosises, a sleeplessness). Physiotherapy;
    laser therapy - inflammatory diseases of a teeth, Nerves, stomach, a liver, a bilious bubble, kidneys, predstatelnoj glands, joints;
    4 chamber baths galvanic – a sclerosis of vessels Feet;
    UVCH-THERAPY, ultrasound, darsonvalizatsija, elektroforez, franklinizatsija, a magnetotherapy – at all inflammatory and functional Diseases of all bodies and systems;
    inhalations (grassy) phytosoda – at inflammatory Diseases of respiratory organs (antritises, a bronchitis, tracheitises);
    an office tsistoskopichesky – instiljatsii uric Bubble medicines (a cystitis, an urine incontience);
    clinical and biochemical laboratories – research Blood and urine.

    In medical process the psychotherapy, as group is widely used, and The individual.

    Ekstensionnyj the vibrator For the first time In Ukraine in sanatorium "Dnepr" it is successfully treated bezoperatsionnym by a way Adenoma predstatelnoj glands a method of microwave therapy on the unique Israeli Device "Termospek-JuOoTm" for 1 session in from 60 to 90 Minutes.

    For last year in sanatorium the expensive import equipment is got: kolonogidromat for washing of intestines and organism clarification, "Ekstensionnyj The vibrator " for treatment of diseases of a backbone, deducing of salts and Small konkrementov kidneys, the new technique of definition of blood circulation is introduced In vessels of a brain, heart, a liver, the top and bottom finitenesses on the computer reografe, French digital mammograf for diagnostics New growths of mammary glands.

    Except the standard sanatorium techniques of inspection and treatment sanatorno-gotelnyj the complex renders services which do not enter into cost Permits, namely:

    definition of 45 biochemical indicators From 5 ml of blood on German biochemical analyzer "Гумалайзер-2000";
    diagnostics of the least new growths (Tumours) of mammary glands on digital mammografe the French manufacture;
    blood circulation definition in vessels Brain, hearts, a liver, the top and bottom finitenesses on the computerised reografe;
    bezoperatsionnoe adenoma treatment predstatelnoj glands on the Israeli device "Термоспек-1000ТМ" a method Transurethral microwave therapy;
    treatment of a widespread osteochondrosis On the device "Ektensionnyj vibratok" German manufacture;
    organism clarification on device "Колоногидромат" German manufacture with the subsequent hydromassage of intestines;
    employment in an exercise room on training apparatus Firms "Кетлер";
    pool and a sauna.

    Cafe One From leading factors of medical process is lech ebnoe A food on which basis the custom-made menu on all diets, which lies Are used for treatment of a profile pathology for Truskavets. It is organised as Dietary, and a vegetarian food. At your desire it is possible to make surcharge In size 7,50грн. Directly in accounts department SGK "Dnepr-BESKID" And to receive a food under the raised category.

    Since 2000 eurobreakfasts are included in the menu-order besides a dietary breakfast also, Which as has shown the analysis, are in demand at patients with exchange infringement Substances and a pathology of kidneys. Dietary grades of sausages, cheese enter into an eurobreakfast, Egg, fish, oil, jam, cookies, hot drinks.

    the Complex of services , given SGK "Dnepr-BESKID" Will not disappoint our visitors. We guarantee to you qualitative service and all Attention from outside the sanatorium personnel. Without leaving at all the case, here it is possible To go in for sports, read, write, draw, listen to music, a word - to enjoy Life. In complex territory two bars function: "Beskids" and "Zagreb" On 50 and 25 places, restaurant; the branch of bank and exchange office settles down.

    Besides, your leisure will be brightened up by every possible cultural events, Such as:
    art and popular scientific Films,
    dancing-parties accompanied Variety ensemble,
    concerts professional and amateur Collectives,
    meetings with interesting people,

    Double room LUX bedroom

    the Price-list of the prices for sanatorium permits For 24 days
    With 7/1/2004

    Branch "Beskids"
    Categories of numbers the Prices in grivnas
    Single (phone) 2700.00
    Single (phone, the TV, a refrigerator) 3500,00
    Double (phone)
    Double (phone, the TV, a refrigerator) 2500,00
    Single "to a floor lux" 4000,00
    Double "to a floor lux" 6300,00
    Number "lux" (phone, the TV, a refrigerator) 8400,00

    Branch "Dnepr"
    Categories of numbers the Prices in grivnas
    Double (4,6,7,8 floors) 1980,00
    Double improved (6 floor) 2500,00
    Double (2,3 floors) 1750,00
    the Single room uluchshenyj 3500,00
    Single ` a junior suite ` 4000,00
    Numbers "lux", №№
    246 9500,00
    649 10200,00
    248 12000,00
    263 17500,00
    361 14400,00
    346 11400,00
    553 10200,00
    630 8000,00
    457 11400,00
    809 8000,00
    713 8000,00
    714 6000,00
    632 9500
    Kursovka "LH" 960,00
    Kursovka of "L" 400,00
    Kursovka "LH" with the improved food 1500,00

    The price-list of the prices for hotel services in hotel "Beskids"
    With 7/1/2004

    the Name the Prices
    In grivnas
    PDV Hotel
    Single 75 15 7,5 97,50
    One place in 2 local number 65 13 6,5 84,50
    LUX 215 43 21,50 279,50
    Single "junior suite" 150 30 15 195
    Double "junior suite" 175 35 17,50 227,50
    Hotel services
    the TV 4,17 0,83 --- 5,00
    the Refrigerator 2,08 0,42 --- 2,50
    Resort gathering 1,70 --- --- ---
    the Breakfast 8,33 1,67 --- 10,00
    Sanatorium services (booking)
    the Single room --- --- --- 60,00
    the Place in a double room --- --- --- 50,00
    Number "lux" --- --- --- 150,00

    Type of numbers Are free with: Are free to: k-in numbers:

    to set Questions/discussions at a forum

    BOOKING Permits

    The address:
    82200, Ukraine, Truskavets, street Drogobychsky, 33, SGK ` Dnepr-BESKID `

    Management SGK of "Dnepr-Beskids" hopes that ours Visitors and patients will come back home healthy, happy with the rest with the only thing Desire again and again to come to this surprising place!

    publication Date: 2003-05-10 (67927 It is read)

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