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    customs rules of Ukraine

    Import of the goods and transport

    Import of the goods

    At import on customs territory of Ukraine are released from the taxation:

    1) the goods, total which customs cost does not exceed 200 euros, and The gross weight does not exceed 50 kg which are imported by citizens in accompanied luggage (Under condition of oral declaring);

    2) vodka products in number of 1 l, wine - 2 l, beer - 5 l, tobacco products - 200 cigarettes which are imported in personal luggage by citizens;

    3) the goods which are temporarily imported on customs territory of Ukraine under obligations About their return export.

    Besides, it is possible to import a foodstuff on customs territory of Ukraine For own consumption for the sum to 50 euros on one person in such volumes:

    - In packing of the manufacturer, intended for retail trade - in quantity No more than one packing or a lump which does not exceed two kgs, Each name on one person;

    - Unpacked - in quantity which does not exceed two kgs of everyone Names on one person;

    - Unpacked - the indivisible product, ready it is direct to the use, In number of no more unit of each name on one person.

    The Foodstuff which are imported by citizens on customs territory of Ukraine For own use in the specified volumes, are declared orally or in writing At will of their proprietor or on request of the official of customs.

    A foodstuff unpacked is not subject to moving to not accompanied luggage The manufacturer.

    Citizens have the right to import free personal things on customs territory Ukraine in a mode of time import under condition of their oral or written declaring At will of the owner of such things.

    In the list of the subjects carried to personal things of citizens, concern:

    - Personal ornaments, including from precious metals and the stones having signs That were in use;

    - Subjects, such as clothes, linen, the footwear, having the personal character, intended For own use, and signs of having, as a rule, that were In using, or new which are imported, as a rule, in one copy (complete set);

    - Subjects of personal hygiene and individual cosmetic means in quantity, Which provides requirements of one person for a trip;

    - Individual written and a stationery;

    - The camera, film- and a videocamera, adaptations to them;

    - The field-glass;

    - A portable musical instrument;

    - Portable zvukosozdajushchie devices (the tape recorder, a dictophone etc.) with films, Plates and disks;

    - A portable radio receiver;

    - A portable TV;

    - The portable personal computer and adaptations to it;

    - The calculator, an electronic notebook;

    - Individual portable medical devices for ability to live maintenance The person and for the control over its condition, having signs of that were in use;

    - A mobile phone;

    - A children's carriage;

    - A mobile phone;

    - A children's carriage;

    - An invalid carriage;

    - Sports equipment

    - A bicycle, a boat fishing, the complete set of climbing equipment, the complete set Equipments for a scuba diving, the complete set of skis, the complete set of tennis rackets, Surfboard and surfing, the complete set of equipment for a golf, other similar The equipment intended for use by one person;

    - Medical products which move through customs border of Ukraine In order and volumes which are defined the health protection Ministries;

    - Other articles of prime necessity which are the property of the citizen And its abilities to live intended only for maintenance and own Uses which are not the goods and are not intended for alienation or Transfers to other persons also answer the stay purpose abroad.

    Other subjects cannot be carried To personal things of citizens, except what Are specified above.

    Are not subject to the admission through customs border of Ukraine:

    - The goods which can cause a damage to health or threaten population lives And to fauna or to lead to a tresspass to environment;

    - Literary and works of art, polygraphic and another printing Production, cinema - photo - audio- and the video data propagandising war, cruelty, Pornography, racial, ethnic or religious hostility, call for the violent To overthrow of the constitutional system in Ukraine;

    - The goods and personal things on which admission permissions of other state are necessary Establishments, without presence of these permissions. The list of these goods and personal things It is defined by the Cabinet of Ukraine.

    Motor transport Import

    Temporary import of vehicles is authorised to citizens - to non-residents for Own requirements within one year under written obligations about Return export and in the presence of the documents confirming registration of the transport Means outside of Ukraine. Thus the vehicles temporarily imported Citizens-non-residents on customs territory of Ukraine for own using For the term exceeding two months, registration in bodies State are subject Automobile inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

    publication Date: 2003-07-18 (2995 It is read)

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