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    sanatorium treatment in Truskavets


    A Medical (dietary) food is an integral part of complex therapy Various diseases in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, and also medical-improving Actions.

    On a resort Truskavets is given to dietetic therapy Questions great value. Observance of an appropriate diet facilitates a condition of patients, reduces possibility Relapse, raises efficiency of sanatorium treatment. At some Diseases of a gastroenteric path dietetic therapy is the leader in general Medical complex and okazyvat more expressed therapeutic influence, than Other methods of treatment. An important point in the dietetic therapy organisation is Its mode. For patients with diseases of a stomach, an intestines, a liver and bilious ways It has especially great value.

    In sanatoria of a resort a food is organised on advanced order system Dishes: the patient can order the day before (in menu forms) this or that dish in limits The diet appointed to it. Except 4 and a 5-single food patients receive kefir before Dream. At 6-single, so-called "fractional", a food (830, II30, 1330, 16 °°, 1830, 21м) patients also receive kefir.

    The dietary dining room Repaired according to modern requirements "Veselka" serves patients of sanatoria "DIAMOND" , "CRYSTAL" . In sanatorium "AMBER" Is also own dietstolovaja. In all dining rooms Joint-Stock Company "TRUSKAVETSKURORT" eurobreakfasts are entered in addition, and also it is offered The improved food on restaurant type.

    Dietary tables are put In a dietetic therapy basis under M.I.Pevznera's scheme. In the course of treatment of patients can translate from one table on another, in dependence From a current of disease under the influence of resort treatment. Steady performance The ordered doctor of a diet and diet jav-ljaetsja the precondition of successful treatment.

    One of dietetic therapy problems is gradual preparation for transfer On the general rational table.

    In the course of treatment good results at various diseases are given by introduction So-called "unloading" days. Are appointed apple, sugar, Dairy, fruktovo-cottage cheese and other days, usually once (day) in a week.

    Apple days are appointed at diseases of a liver, Thick intestines, infringements of a metabolism, a hypertension. Thus the patient receives 1,5 kg of crude apples a day (at disease of intestines apples are accepted in the wiped Kind).

    Sugar days are appointed at diseases of a liver, Bilious ways, kidneys, intestines. The patient receives 1,5 litres of a liquid in the form of the sweet Tea with 100-150 g sugar.

    Dairy days are appointed at exchange infringements Substances, adiposity, diseases of cardiovascular system. The patient receives 800 ml of milk a day.

    Fruktovo-cottage cheese days are appointed at diseases Liver, adiposity, etc. the Patient receives 150г cottage cheese and 1 kg of apples.

    At an extract of the patient in the end of a course of sanatorium treatment the attending physician recommends Corresponding diet, house diet.

    Observance in house conditions of the diet appointed the doctor and diets provides Fastening of results of resort treatment for long time.

    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (5089 It is read)

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