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    sanatorium treatment in Truskavets

    the Sanatorium mode

    Successful treatment is impossible without observance of a sanatorium mode. A mode Subordinates one purpose all means and methods of treatment and regulates a rhythm of a life of the patient On a resort. The Sanatorium mode includes three components, integrally Connected among themselves: obshchekurortnyj, sanatorium and individual modes.

    Obshchekurortnyj the mode has the problem creation Optimum conditions for rest and treatment of patients of all resort. In the plan obshchekurortnyh actions the great attention is given to struggle against noise, questions Sanitary hygiene and to resort gardening.

    the Sanatorium mode provides observance Patients of a uniform daily routine in which correct distribution of time is reflected Activity and rest, time of food intake and medical procedures, cultural-mass Actions and rest.

    the Individual mode is appointed with such calculation, That depending on a condition of the patient it is the most expedient to combine application All medical factors of a resort.

    The Great value has a mode of reception of medical procedures. Frequency, duration And alternation of procedures are not indifferent for results of treatment. In days of reception the basic Procedures it is impossible to accept others, hard transferred: for example, it is impossible in one And the same day to take mineral baths and ozokeritoprotsedury. It is inexpedient The same days to conduct the researches demanding from sick big pressure, For example, duodenalnoe sounding, rektomanoskopiju, etc. Procedure from the smaller Loading it is necessary to accept before reception of the basic procedure. Before reception of everyone Procedures, as well as after it, rest is necessary.

    Procedures need to be accepted in a quiet condition, under the conditions excluding Factors of irritation which can weaken medical effect.

    Separately it is necessary to stop on reception by patients klimatolechenija. Climatic Conditions of Truskavets do not allow to spend klimatolechenie all-the-year-round, however In warm months it is possible to take solar and air baths, to bathe. Follows To remind that reception of these procedures without the knowledge of the doctor can worsen considerably Disease current.

    Some patients, having forgotten about it, sunbathe up to strong burns that usually Leads to deterioration of state of health and especially it is not admissible at diseases of a liver, Kidneys, a stomach ulcer, etc.

    Bathings in days of reception of baths, ozokerite applications, so are absolutely inadmissible As it too can lead to a disease aggravation. Therefore reception klimatolechenija It is necessary to spend only on doctor's orders.

    The Special attention in a sanatorium mode is given to a dream. Rest, especially a dream, promotes To restoration of normal working capacity of the nervous system regulating activity All organism.

    Depending on character of disease and an individual mode rest in the day Time is appointed the doctor before a dinner or in an afternoon. It is thus considered, That activity of the device of digestion during a dream sharply decreases.

    The Considerable part of the patients arriving on a resort, suffers dream frustration. The normal dream is provided with medical walking, rest in the open air, a regularity Physiological functions and only in hard cases - reception of sleeping medicines.

    The Free time on a resort is used for walks, cultural entertainments, Which support vigorous mood and distract attention of patients from their diseases.

    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (9278 It is read)

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