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    sanatorium treatment in Truskavets

    Walks and excursions

    In a difficult complex of resort medical factors extremely important role plays The estetiko-emotional form of influence of the surrounding nature on a sick organism. The beautiful landscape, stately panorama of mountains, silence of parks and groves - all is integral Part of treatment for many patients, tired, retired, with a neurasthenia and psihasteniej. These diseases of nervous system quite often accompany the basic disease, precede Or promote it.

    That is why walks and excursions are an obligatory element in a general regime Sanatorium treatment.

    Choosing a route, sick should consult to the attending physician, for a question About advantage of walk or excursion it is especially individual and depends not only on activity (Current phases) the basic disease, but also from a condition cardiovascular and Nervous system.

    the Basic routes of walks

    On mineral sources
    The beginning of a route from the resort centre, further on park along a resort beam, by bjuveta mineral waters, a source № 1 ("Juzja") and then in a direction To wood. The route passes on walking gallery, by pavi-lonov sources of "Naftusja", Mineral waters № 6 and 7. The resort park of Truskavets is a monument landscape gardening Arts. Trees as our woods (an oak, a beech, an ash-tree, a linden, a fir, a poplar) there grow, As well as exotic: vejmutovaja the pine brought from Italy, katalpy, a box, Silvery maple, acetic tree, etc.; it is a lot of colours. Here the summer is located Pavilion of the former sources № 1 and № 2.

    To century oaks
    Some century oaks (age about 400 years) have remained on east suburb Truskavets - a line Truskavets - Drogobych. This route one of the best for walks And rest. From a hill on the way to wood to a look the kind on all resort, gardens, parks opens And becoming blue on horizon karpatskie tops. The nearest mountains - Bobovitse (878), TSuhiv (942). In the summer in wood it is a lot of mushrooms and berries.

    On lake Pomerki
    The road passes through the mixed wood. The natural boundary Pomerki is in 2 km to the south from Truskavets, in a valley formed by spurs of Carpathians. Here, on a place of former mines, The small deep lake in which it is possible to bathe was formed. From lake opens Beautiful panorama sbegajushchih to lake of the hills covered with wood.

    Having a rest come on lake on Sunday usually on all the day, here bathe, Sunbathe, play volleyball, collect in wood of a berry and flowers. On Pomerkah is, Except a source of "Naftusja" № 2, sources № 4 and 10.

    In Borislav
    The city is located in 5 km to the west of Truskavets. Borislav - the oldest in Ukraine the centre Petroleum industry and ozokerite extraction. Before a city the big lake, where Often go to bathe having a rest.

    In Drogobych
    Drogobych - beautiful, it is arranged well, with numerous historical and architectural Monuments, the second-large city in the Lvov area.

    Home I.Franko
    Ivan's village Ex (former Naguevichi) is in 20 km from Truskavets. Here was born The great writer. In village I.Franko's memorial museum is opened.

    To Lvov
    Lvov - the regional centre, an ancient Ukrainian city (it is based in XIII century by Danilom Galitsky). It is famous for many monuments of history, architecture, art: the Area The market, Arsenal, town hall, the High castle, the well-known Strijsky park. An organnyj hall, Art gallery. A palace of arts and much, many other things. Excursion proceeds All the day, and, nevertheless, it is not possible to examine all interesting in this city.

    On a resort Morshin
    Morshin - one of remarkable resorts of Ukraine, located in 50 km from Truskavets In foothills of Carpathians, in the picturesque valley surrounded with hills, covered with wood. For the medical purposes mineral waters of 4 sources are used. It is very picturesque Also the park of a resort passing in wood is beautiful.

    To Carpathians
    Excursions in Carpathians Mountains the most fascinating and impressing. Excursions will be organised, Calculated both at some o'clock, and for some days.

    In Zakarpate
    Zakarpate - one of the most beautiful corners of our country whom deservedly name "The second Switzerland". Here walking routes are specified only a few And excursions, but near bjuvetov mineral waters travel agencies will offer you Any excursions to your choice.

    Only do not forget to co-ordinate the chosen route with your attending physician.

    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (5518 It is read)

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