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    Ozokerite in a literal translation means "smelling as wax". After the corresponding Processings it superficially resembles beeswax, possesses an oil smell and plasticity.

    Ozokerite ("black wax", or "the fallen asleep tears of the earth", as It name in the people) it was known in Prikarpatye as for a long time, as oil, and It was used, basically, for manufacturing of candles and medicines. The first chemical The analysis of the ozokerite delivered from Truskavets, has been made in 1840 in Paris. Colour Natural ozokerite depends on quality and quantity of pitches and varies from light green And brown to the black. The maintenance in it mineralnk oils defines its consistence - mazeobraznuju, wax, fragile or firm. A product we will dissolve in gasoline, kerosene, Pitches, chloroform, practically we will not dissolve in water, spirit and alkalis.

    Ozokerite consists of high-molecular paraffin and tserezinov with additives of the liquid Oils and asfaltno-resinous substances. A unique deposit of ozokerite in the world There are on distance of 4 km from a resort in a city Borislav. Ozokerite use Has anti-inflammatory and analgeticheskoe action and strengthens haemodynamics In the damaged body.

    Thanks to rather low heat conductivity, ozokerite application on integuments At temperature 60-70 °s do not cause burns. It is favoured also by those, That right after imposings ozokerite hardens and protects a skin from the subsequent Hotter layers. The basic property of ozokerite as therapeutic means Consists in considerable strengthening of peripheral blood circulation and a metabolism, That disseminating, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic an effect has.

    On a resort Truskavets was widely adopted kjuvetnyj a method ozokeritovyh Applications. The fused ozokerite (temperature 70-80°С) is filled in in the tin To ditch in the size 20х40 the sm and height 3-5 see the Ditch is covered by an oilcloth acting For its edges. Ozokerite cools down to temperature 45-50 °s, then together with an oilcloth It is imposed on area of sick body and it is covered with a warming quilted jacket. The patient Wrap up with a blanket.

    On a resort Truskavets is stored considerable experience ozokeritoterapii at the various Diseases. The widest application was received by the medical ozokerite consisting From ore petrolatuma and paraffin. In the early eighties there were new preparations On a basis zhilnogo ozokerite water vyvarki - ozokerafin, ozokeramin, ozoparafin And ozokerafinovaja a napkin.

    For nakozhnyh applications medical ozokerite, ozokerafin (kjuvetno-applikatsionnyj is applied, salfetochnyj a way) and ozokerafinovaja a napkin.

    In ozokeritnom branch to you will offer:
    ozokeritovye applications;
    ozokeritovye vaginalnye tampons;
    ozokeritovye hot-water bottles;
    ozokeritolechenie paradontoza.

    the Technique of application of ozokerite

    For ozokerite application in the medical purposes it is necessary for heating up to the necessary Temperatures. Ozokerite heats up on a usual water bath. Ozokerite heating In a vessel directly on a heating source it is forbidden, as it results To damage of a product and active allocation of gases. With a view of sterilisation ozokerite heat up To 100 °s within 30-40 minutes At a reuse it sterilise the specified In the way also add 25% of the ozokerite which was not in the use.

    Treatment by ozokerite is spent by means of its imposing in nagretom a kind on Integuments. Two basic methods are applied to this purpose: ozokeritovye compresses And ozokeritovye flat cakes.

    For preparation ozokeritovyh compresses the gauze or another hygroscopic undertakes The fabric which develops in six-eight layers and is sewed in the form of a lining. The lining falls to a vessel and becomes impregnated with the fused ozokerite, and then It is wrung out by a twisting around korntsanga on a flat firm surface (a cover Pans, a metal plate, etc.). The lining is necessary for wringing out carefully, Absolutely to eliminate the liquid ozokerite, flowing down which drops can cause Burn on a skin. Then the lining is spread on an oilcloth lying on a little table, For cooling to the necessary temperature. The temperature is defined by the chemical thermometer In different sites of a lining.

    Ozokeritovyj a compress consists usually of two multilayered gauze linings, Had one over another, a wax paper or an oilcloth and a quilted jacket. Temperature The first lining adjoining integuments, should be not above 45-50 °s, The second lining, some the smaller sizes, than the first, should have higher Temperature. Depending on indications temperature of the second lining in a sedately way Increase from 60 to 70 °s, but not above 80°С.

    Ozokeritovyj a compress is imposed on a corresponding site of a body in the following Order: the first lining, the second lining, a wax paper, a quilted jacket. The compress is fixed Bandage then the patient carefully cover a bed-sheet and a warm blanket.

    At kjuvetno-applikatsionnom a method the fused ozokerite is poured in the metal Ditches of the corresponding sizes with a side on 4-5 sm, preliminary vystlannye The oilcloth acting along the edges on 5 the Sizes a ditch for a hip, a shin and a backbone see 50х30 sm, for a waist and a stomach - 40х20 sm, for separate joints the sizes a ditch It is slightly less.

    The Fused ozokerite poured in a ditch, cooling down to the necessary temperature, gets denser Also turns to a flat cake. Duration of preservation of heat ozokeritovoj flat cakes depends (Under all other conditions) from its thickness (2-5 sm): the thicker a flat cake, the longer Remains warmly. The ozokeritovaja flat cake of the necessary temperature is taken from ditches Together with an oilcloth also it is imposed on a site of a body subject to treatment. Over an oilcloth The layer of grey cotton wool or quilted jacket with the subsequent ukutyvaniem is imposed.

    Unlike ozokeritovyh compresses ozokeritovye flat cakes do not give possibility To apply heat ozokerite. Thus, when on Certain indications need to apply more intensive heat, ozokeritovye Compresses it is more preferable.

    At imposing ozokeritovyh flat cakes it is reached bolshy contact of weight of ozokerite With integuments; besides, kjuvetno-applikatsionnaja the technique easier also does not demand Dressing expenditures.

    Before imposing ozokeritovogo a compress or ozokeritovoj flat cakes integuments Corresponding site it is necessary to dry carefully in order to avoid a burn. At the plentiful Vegetation hair are shaved off. The oilcloth is put on bed or a couch.
    In most cases treatment by ozokerite is spent at lying position of the patient. The exception is supposed at ozokeritoterapii separate sites of top finitenesses, For example: a shoulder, an elbow joint.

    Ozokeritovyj or ozokeritovuju a flat cake put a compress usually for 40-60 minutes After removal ozokeritovogo a compress or a flat cake of the subsequent obmyvanija, in difference From mud cure, it is not required; the particles of the ozokerite which has stuck to a skin, easily delete Cotton wool with vaseline.

    Procedures are released daily or every other day. After each procedure it is required Obligatory rest within 30-40 minutes averages the General course of treatment 15-20 procedures.

    Ozokeritovye compresses or ozokeritovye flat cakes are imposed or is direct On the disease centre, either on refleksogennuju a zone or on symmetric finiteness. At local influence on the painful centre (a joint, infiltrat, a hemorrhage Etc.) ozokeritovyj the compress or a flat cake should be imposed on the big area, Rather than a site of the painful centre.

    Application ozokeritovoj napkins (the wafer fabric impregnated with ozokerite). Before imposing the napkin gets warm till 36-37 °s, is imposed on a sore point, From above the electrohot-water bottle (12-voltnaja) is imposed so that to provide Normal prileganie napkins to a skin of the patient.

    Procedure lasts 30-60 minutes. At procedure reception it is impossible to sleep not to cause Overheat.

    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (6294 It is read)

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