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    sanatorium treatment in Truskavets

    Physiotherapy exercises

    The Physiotherapy exercises are the important factor of sanatorium treatment. At the heart of it purposeful regular performance of physical exercises lies, Observance of a certain mode of movement.

    The Physiotherapy exercises in the conditions of a resort are spent in a kind: the morning hygienic Gymnastics, medical gymnastics, walks, medical walking, excursions, sports And outdoor games. All these kinds of physiotherapy exercises in various combinations and dosages Are applied in a close connection with other kinds of treatment.

    Physical exercises have on an organism multilateral an effect: they improve Blood circulation, metabolism, strengthen oxidising processes, raise prisposobljaemost Organism to physical activities.

    The Mass kind of physical exercises are the morning physical gymnastics. It removes developments of stagnation in fabrics, restores working capacity of bodies Blood circulation and breath after a dream, strengthens the muscular device and creates the vigorous And cheerful mood on all the day.

    On a resort on medical gymnastics complexes of exercises are developed for patients On the basic groups of diseases. Employment on these complexes are spent in specially The equipped offices.

    All kinds of physiotherapy exercises unite concept of a mode of movement. Are applied Movement modes № 1, 2 and 3.

    a movement Mode № 1 - sparing, with considerable Physical activity restriction, it is recommended to patients in a stage of an aggravation of disease, With the phenomena of cardiovascular insufficiency and the patient in a stay initial stage On a resort.

    a movement Mode № 2 - shchadjashche-training, with small Physical activity, it is appointed the patient with recently transferred aggravation of illness.

    a movement Mode № 3 - training, with average Physical activity, it is appointed the patient in a stage of proof and long remission Illnesses.

    Physiotherapy exercises in a complex with other resort factors in the considerable Degrees are raised by efficiency of the last, strengthening jet shifts in an organism, Training and tempering it.

    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (3924 It is read)

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