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    resort clinics of Truskavets

    Balneoozokeritolechebnitsa № 1

    Truskavets, parkway JU. Drogobicha, 2. +38(03247) 5-73-77

    It is located in the central part of a resort. Serves a number of sanatoria ( "BIRCH" , "SPRING" , "CHESTNUT" ), Some boarding houses, and also all interested persons (procedures paid). Carries out Treatment of chronic diseases of bodies and systems in a stage of remission and unstable Remissions.

    Digestive organs : gullet diseases; gastritises; Stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenal gut; cholecystitises; a pancreatitis; enterokolity; illnesses of the operated stomach.

    Kidneys and mochevyvodjashie ways : urolithic illness; the chronic Pyelonephritises; an urine incontience; a cystitis; prostatitises.

    Endokrinnaja system, a metabolism : mechevidnye a diathesis; Adiposity; a diabetes; gipotireoz.

    the Rectum and an anus : proktit; hemorrhoids; analnaja a crack; paraproktit; anusit.

    the Oporno-impellent device : arthritises; art roses; osteochondroses; miozity.

    Peripheral nervous system : a neuralgia of the trigeminal Nerve; nevrit an obverse nerve; a radiculitis; pleksit; periartrit; an intercostal neuralgia; kauzalgija; phantom pains.

    Vegetative nervous system : soljarit; illness of Rejno; Migraine; miastenija; a neurosis.

    Cardiovascular system : an ischemic heart trouble; Stenocardia; a hypertension; a hypotonia; a thrombophlebitis; endarteriit; rheumatism; nejrotsirkuljatornaja Dystonia.

    Respiratory organs : a pneumonia; an emphysema of lungs; the bronchial Asthma; pharyngitises; tracheitises.

    Female genitals : inflammatory diseases Uterus, appendages; kolpit; endotservitsit; erosion of a neck of a uterus; endometrit; the climacteric Syndrome; painful menstruatsii; barreness; an endometriosis; krauroz vulvas; lejkoplakija.

    Structure balneoozokeritolechebnitsy № 1 :
    branch of balneotherapy (bath);
    ozokeritnoe branch;
    physiotherapeutic branch;
    bjuvet mineral waters.

    balneotherapy Branch
    Baths: the mineral; the mineral With phytoadditives; the pearl; the carbonic; the vortical; an underwater shower-massage.
    Gidropatija: a shower of Sharko; the circular Shower; an ascending shower; a hydrolaser shower.
    Ingaljatory: grassy and oil Inhalations.
    the Office of intestinal washings; the automated gidrokolonoterapija on German spetsapparatah.
    the Office gynecologic an irrigation.
    Pool with mineral water (the underwater Shower-massage in pool).
    the Sauna.
    the Office rektomanoskopii.
    the Office of microenemas.
    the Office speleoterapii.
    the Office of manual massage.
    the Gynecologic office.
    the Aromatherapy; aerozolterapija; singletno-oxygen Therapy.

    Ozokeritnoe branch
    Cabins ozokeritovyh applications. Cabins rektalnyh and vaginalnyh tampons. Paradontologichesky Office. A stomatologic office. A zuboproteznyj office. A cosmetology office. Manipulation office. An office of manual massage.

    Physiotherapeutic branch
    the Magnetotherapy.
    Laser therapy.
    Ultrasonic therapy.
    Microwave therapy (including Resonant).

    Bjuvet of mineral waters № 1
    It is calculated on 10.000 visitings in Change, it is equipped automatic dozatorami holidays of mineral waters.
    "Naftusja" 37-40 °s - at Illnesses of a liver and cholecystitises;
    "Naftusja" 18-20 °s - at Illnesses of kidneys;
    "Naftusja" the cold. A spring № 1 "Maria" - at the raised and lowered acidity.
    the Spring № 2 "Sofia" - at Pancreatitis.
    the Spring № 3 "Bronislava" - At paradontoze.
    the Spring № 4 "Juzja" - glyceric Water at illnesses of eyes and intestines.

    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (11123 It is read)

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