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    indications for treatment in Truskavets

    Indications for treatment of patients on a resort Truskavets

    Illnesses of kidneys and mochevyvodjashchih ways

    1. A chronic pyelonephritis and a cystitis in kliniko-laboratory remission Without signs of nephritic insufficiency and the expressed arterial hypertensia. The residual phenomena of a sharp pyelonephritis not earlier than 3 months after process knocking over.

    2. Urolithic illness with formation and othozhdeniem stones without function infringement Kidneys and urine outflow.

    3. A condition after operative or tool removal of stones from kidneys And uric ways in 1,5-2 months after operation.

    4. Congenital anomalies of kidneys in the absence of signs of nephritic insufficiency.

    5. A chronic prostatitis (not tubercular) in a remission stage.

    6. An urolithic diathesis.

    the Note: in complex treatment of urolithic illness (under medical indications) Hardware crushing of stones is applied.

    Illnesses of digestive organs

    1. Chronic hepatitises, the residual phenomena after toksikohimicheskih defeats Liver in an inactive phase; conditions after the transferred infectious hepatitis;

    2. A cholecystitis, angioholit without propensity to frequent aggravations;

    3. Zhelchnokamennaja illness, except for the forms demanding surgical intervention;

    4. A dyskinesia of bilious ways and a bilious bubble;

    5. The latent form of a chronic pancreatitis without propensity to frequent aggravations;

    6. Chronic kolity and enterokolity, except stenozirujushchih, tubercular, ulcer, Bacterial and parasitic forms, out of an aggravation;

    7. A dyskinesia of intestines out of an aggravation phase.

    Illnesses of a metabolism

    1. Adiposity alimentarno-constitutional, without dekompensatsii blood circulations;

    2. The Diabetes in a condition of stable indemnification;

    Except the basic pathology, on a resort the accompanying pathology is effectively treated. On a resort "Truskavets" liquidators of failure on CHAES and living are treated also In territories of the rigid radiating control.

    special techniques of complex treatment Are developed:

    diseases of respiratory organs (the chronic Bronchitis, laryngitis and pharyngitises, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis);
    cardiovascular diseases (An atherosclerosis, a hypertension, endarteriit, an ischemic heart trouble);
    skin diseases (the allergic dermatity, ekzema, psoriaz, deprive, seboreja);
    backbone diseases (an osteochondrosis, kifoskolioz);
    diseases of joints and peripheral Nervous system (kolagenoz, rheumatism, parezy, nevrity, pleksity);
    conditions secondary immunnodefitsitov.

    Doctors Joint-Stock Company "TRUSKAVETSKURORT" have developed and have introduced techniques of the reduced courses of the intensive Rehabilitations under the special programs calculated for 12-14 days:

    an organism rejuvenation;
    the antistressful program;
    organism clarifications;
    adiposity treatment;
    treatment paradontoza;
    treatment of diseases of intestines;
    osteochondrosis treatment;
    treatment of a chronic prostatitis;
    treatment of a chronic pyelonephritis;
    obshchey diagnostiko-medical survey;
    treatment of a stomach ulcer of a stomach And a duodenal gut;
    improvement of patients with zhelchnokamennoj Illness;
    treatment diskinezy zhelchevyvodjashchih Ways;
    treatment of a chronic cholecystitis;
    pancreatitis treatment;
    treatment of urolithic illness;
    treatment sick of a diabetes;
    treatment chronic adneksita or Chronic inflammatory processes of female genitals;
    treatment of barreness inflammatory Origins;
    endometriosis treatment;
    treatment of the residual phenomena after Gynecologic operations;
    treatment of a climacteric syndrome;
    improvement of heads, businessmen And state employees;
    improvement of drivers;
    improvement of workers of the metallurgical The industries;
    improvement of teachers;
    improvement of miners.

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    publication Date: 2003-05-07 (46145 It is read)

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