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    waters and salts of Truskavets

    the Characteristic of mineral waters and salts of Truskavets

    "Naftusja". Gidrokarbonatnaja, magnievo-kaltsievaja, slabomineralizovannaja, with the high maintenance of organic substances, "Naftusja" Has pleasant specific smack and an oil light smell. It improves processes urodinamiki in an organism, promotes spontaneous deducing of crystals of sand and Small stone, operates protivovospalitelno, reduces and counteracts the pathological sedimentatsii crystals of salts, warns kamneobrazovanie, raises activity Functions of some glands of internal secretion, deduces from an organism radionuklidy, Slags and nedookislennye exchange products. It improves functions of a liver and restores Immune system. The medical effect of "Naftusi" is caused also it zhelchegonnym, Anaesthetising and dezintoksikatsionnym influence.

    "Maria", "Sofia". are widely used At accompanying diseases of a gastroenteric path. Mineral waters "Maria" And "Sofia" help to restore a functional and organic condition These bodies and systems which are often enough damaged at core course Diseases.

    "Bronislava". Mineral water of a source №3 "Bronislava" use for throat and nasopharynx rinsing at treatment The top respiratory ways.

    "Juzja". Mineral water "Juzja", Containing substances of a glyceric origin, well influences a skin, Giving it special elasticity.

    Waters of other sources are applied To external use in the form of baths, Irrigation, washings, a hydromassage and inhalations. Except mineral, are used Carbonic and emerald baths which operate especially effectively at the accompanying Diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes and exchange infringement Substances. The pool with mineral water and a sauna is visited by all who restores Functions of joints and muscles.

    Mineral baths promote effective treatment of osteochondroses, arthritises, artrozov and miozitov.

    Salt "Barbara". the Competitor well-known karlo-varskoj Salts is truskavetskaja salt "Barbara" which extract from vysokomineralizovannoj rapy that allows to use it for duodenalnyh sounding, washings Intestines and as a depletive. Natural medical factors of salt "Barbara" essentially influence protective forces of an organism, raise immunity.

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