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    about Truskavets

    History and the present of Truskavets

    The Archaeological data gives the grounds to assume that Truskavets Existed as small settlement at the time of the Kiev Russia . The name The settlement has received from the small small river Truskava once proceeding here. In opinion Other researchers, the name "Truskavets" occurs from an old Ukrainian language Name of Trushko (Trofim), from here Trushkovichi, and then Truskavets.

    By the end of XIV century the best earths in vicinities of Truskavets belonged to treasury and To the Polish magnates. Suffering from malozemelja, peasants have been compelled to be engaged Salt-making craft widely developed at this time. In the end of a XVIII-th century in Truskavets Have started to extract, besides salt, also lead shine, a zinc blende, sulphur, plaster, And soon oil and ozokerite.

    In the XIX-th century beginning there are widely known mineral sources of Truskavets, Used by local population for a long time in the medical purposes. Curative Properties of mineral waters of Truskavets were described for the first time in 1578 by the royal doctor Vojtseh the Point. Opening of deep underground mineral (medical) waters around Truskavets Concerns 1820, and in 1827 in Truskavets the first small balneary has been constructed (On eight cabins), and from now on it officially is considered a resort.

    In 1835-1849 by the Lvov chemist-druggist T.Torosevichem it has been made Research of mineral sources of a resort. It had been investigated sources of "Naftusja", "Edward" (a source № 6), "Ferdinand" (a source № 7), "Maria" (A source № 1), and in 1849 "Sofia" (a source №2). In 1858 were Are opened "Anna" (a source № 8) and "Emmanuil" (a source № 9). And in 1861 by doctor Volf it is described medical
    Action of mineral water "Bronislava" (a source № 3). In 1861 was The mud baths are constructed, and treatment by a peat dirt for the first time began to be applied, The diluted mineral water. Some works on an accomplishment have in the nineties begun Resort.

    In 1862 it is built ingaljatory, and in 1906 - a building calculated on holiday 1500 baths in day.

    Before the First World War on a resort it was treated over 4,5 thousand patients for Season. In 1912 the branch line of Drogobych-Truskavets connecting is laid Truskavets with big cities. And the resort has been translated from 1935 on the all-the-year-round Treatment, willows 1938 number treated for a year has reached already 17 thousand persons.

    On the eve of the Second World War in Truskavets 8 sanatoria on 1500 operated Places.

    After war the Truskavetsky resort has been restored and expanded. In 1961 on To base of a source of "Naftusja" № 2 the factory on flood of the mineral has started to work Waters. Next year on southern suburb of a resort the water basin has been constructed by the area In 26 hectares. Soon a system has entered new perfectly equipped obshchekurortnaja The balneary calculated on simultaneous holiday of 80 baths.

    In 1963 mineral water of a source № 12, which with 1969 has been found out Year, after long-term experimental and clinical studying, it is applied With the medical purpose. Doctors of a resort continue scientific researches on the most effective To use of mineral waters of Truskavets.

    Truskavets is today 19 comfortable sanatoria, 20 boarding houses, 2 children's recreation camps. In a city two function balneoozokeritolechebnitsy, Two resort polyclinics, two bjuveta mineral waters.

    On a resort Truskavets many medical sources. The queen of medicinal waters name Mineral water "Naftusja". Along with "Naftusej" appoint And other waters: "Maria", "Sofia", "Bronislavu", "Edward" And "Juzju". With the medical purpose here too apply salt "Barbara".

    Popularity of a resort is so great that every year here comes nearby 200 Thousand persons from all Ukraine, and also from 15 to 18 thousand persons from the different countries The world. Truskavets has noted recently the 170 anniversary. The city population makes nearby 27 thousand persons.

    In a city more than 50 various shops, about 50 dining rooms, cafe, bars, restaurants, 4 churches of different creeds and one church. Two museums - the Museum of the artist of M.Bilasa and the Museum of a city-resort of Truskavets work.

    Near to the centre the road service station is located. The railway connects Truskavets With many cities of Ukraine, the CIS countries and Baltics.

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