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    about Truskavets

    the Arrangement and environmental conditions of Truskavets

    The Resort Truskavets is located in a beauty spot To the north from foothills of East Carpathians. Thanks to presence of soft sedimentary breeds Heights have roundish or flat tops and gentle slopes. The hills surrounding Resort, are covered by coniferous and deciduous woods. Sources of mineral waters are In a beam located between valleys of the mountain rivers Vishnitsa and Vorotishche, crossing Truskavets. Small rivers shallow, the water-supply in them replenishes, basically, for the account Atmospheric precipitation and snow thawing in mountains. In immediate proximity from a city There are no the industrial enterprises polluting air and natural waters.

    the Climate Truskavets is moderate-warm, damp. Mid-annual The temperature fluctuates within +6,5 +8,8°С. The minimum daily temperature Air it is necessary at morning o'clock, maximum - on 14-16 o'clock in the afternoon. Most Warm months - July and August, the coldest - January and February. In area Truskavets the lowered and unstable enough atmospheric pressure (700-735 is marked Mm hg) that in general is peculiar to foothills of Carpathians. This circumstance follows To mean to the people having problems with arterial pressure. Optimum Weather conditions develop in the summer and in the early spring.

    Winter in Truskavets, as a rule, short and rather warm, temperature Air seldom goes down to-20 °s, the thickness of a snow cover does not exceed 0,2-0,4 M.

    Spring long, persistent winds м/c are frequent till 20-30. At this time occurs Intensive thawing of snow in mountains, high waters on streams and the rivers are frequent.

    In the Summer the temperature sometimes rises to 30-32°С, often there are rains. The woods surrounding Resort, are rich with mushrooms, nuts, berries: wild strawberry, a cowberry, a blackberry, a raspberry.

    Autumn dry enough and warm; the fair weather prevails cloudless.

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