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    Rest and treatment in Truskavets - a pearl of Ukraine

    the Resort Truskavets - a pearl of Ukraine Truskavets - one of the largest balneal resorts of Ukraine, become famous for variety of the mineral waters most known of which is "Naftusja". This water, in a complex with other natural medical factors, such as mineral baths, ozokerito - and physiotherapy, treats chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys, a liver and bilious ways, illness of a metabolism, including a diabetes, and many other things. Truskavets and for sick of urolithic illness is irreplaceable. Treatment in the Center of crushing of stones in kidneys and mochevyvodjashchih ways together with reception of "Naftusi" promotes overcoming of this disease.

    the Resort Truskavets - the pearl of Ukraine was outlined Recently the tendency to increase in quantity having a rest with children, the organised groups of children and teenagers. The increasing number of people choose Truskavets for family rest and treatment. Sanatoria and clinics continue to develop direct business contacts to the trade-union organisations, social insurance funds, travel agencies, labour collectives. Crimea - a unique, unique corner on our planet, the nature prednaznachennnoj for rest, travel, improvement and treatment. Crimea can offer much more, than the glorified Mediterranean resorts different unless higher level of comfort.

    the Resort Truskavets - a pearl of Ukraine On this server we have tried to generalise the helpful information on a resort most full. Here you will find the list of sananatorno-resort establishments of Truskavets, data on unique resort medical factors and ways of their application, the diseases which are giving in to effective rehabilitation treatment, etc.

    We Hope that the server becomes for you the excellent guidebook to a resort Truskavets. We think that it will be useful not only sick and having a rest, but also to medical workers of Ukraine and abroad - as a source of the information to a direction of patients on rehabilitation treatment.